You're entrusting us with a precious endeavor, the creation of your new home — the backdrop to your
milestones and celebrations, and all the ordinary, everyday events that give life rhythm and purpose.
By infusing your building experience with comfort, trust and goodwill you gather pleasing memories
from inception and journey onward satisfied with your choice.

In my home search, I initially did not consider new construction because I assumed that the process would be too daunting on my own and I assumed that the better financial value would be in an existing home purchase given the current economic conditions. I was wrong with both assumptions.

Far from daunting, I have found the home building process to be both manageable and enjoyable. My home search eventually directed me to Masons Island where I purchased a building lot within the Mason Homestead subdivision. I immediately engaged in the design and building process with Peter Giordano of Tier 1, the preferred builder within the Mason Homestead. After recently completing the building process, I look back on my experience and if I were to build again I would without hesitation use Peter Giordano. I believe that this is the biggest compliment that one could give after experiencing the home building process. I have found Peter to be highly organized, diligent, honest and a perfectionist almost to a fault. Peter always made himself available to meet and professionally addressed any concerns that I may have had. As importantly, several people who know construction far more than I and watched the construction from framing to finish work have told me that the workmanship is first rate.

In terms of value, I may have found an existing home on Masons Island for less than the cost of construction of my home. However, most existing homes would require renovation, and, therefore, in all likelihood an existing home would cost more than new construction and at the end of the day I would still have an older home. Overall, I am thrilled with my investment and choice to use Tier 1.

Mystic, CT


Mr. Giordano and his colleagues helped us build our home in New London, Connecticut. He made excellent suggestions as the project developed, managed multiple local issues, flexibly adapted design opportunities, and unexpected problems for us. He also was very responsive to a variety of unexpected problems. He also followed through on a myriad of details that made it possible for us to build our home long distance from St. Louis. We would recommend him enthusiastically.

Pat and Sesh
New London, CT


Peter Giordano is a different kind of builder. He has all the attributes one expects and needs to get an excellent product, but added to that is a background of engineering and business that deepens the understanding of creating a well-built structure with the client's bottom-line in mind.

Peter's most important quality is just that: Quality. He is demanding of his people, he has very high standards, and will research anything he does not know. 

Mystic, CT